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DVD and Episode Guide to Friends TV Show

Hello, Dear Friend,

"how you doin'?" as Joey would use to say, or simply put, welcome to my webpage on the Friends TV show!

You know, I created this site for people just like you:

  • the die-hard Friends enthusiast who wants to learn how the Friends DVD sets measure up against each other,
  • the belated Friends fan who got touched by the Friends finale in season 10 and now wants to read up on seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9,
  • the busy parent who wants to get the perfect Friends DVD gift for his/her loved ones but doesn't know where to start,
  • and, basically, anyone else who's interested in America's finest TV show ever!

Whether you just want to read a synopsis of an entire Friends season, get your hands on an objective review of any of the Friends DVD sets or dig in a little deeper to discover again what individual episodes were about -- it's all here for you!

Assuming little to no knowledge on your part, I will be covering everything from Friends Season 1 where the whole Friends gang meets up in the Central Perk café and we are introduced to Rachel and Ross, Monica and Chandler as well as Phoebe and Joey to the Friends Season 10 finale where, after many twists and turns, the six leave us for good.

Enjoy your visit to!

Best regards,

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DVD and episode guide to Friends TV show
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